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Closing Down Suiseiseki No. 1715
Ok guys, it's been fun posting on this relic here, but it's getting spam that I don't want to bother with, so I'll close this down. It'll stay up as a proper archive, but posting will be disabled for (almost) all boards.

So long and see you on STC proper.
Suiseiseki No. 27791
Sorry, sweetheart.
Anonymous No. 1834

>all these samefagging
Anonymous No. 1833
>So much samefagging

Still funny
!!Mbyte No. 27790
Dude, you are such a fagg... oh wait.
Starshine !SprintMJXo No. 27789

Version 2

The β testing season of STC2 is open.
You can see the progress here:

Once the site is complete, this will be locked down and kept as an archive.
A few of the threads will be migrated over to STC2.
The subdomain of STC1 will change to
The subdomain of STC2 will be will be set up as an alias for the new URL.

Yeah that's it for the officials.
The final ETA for STC2 is sometime in December.
New board order
The boards have been re-ordered, re-named and re-themed.
Here's an updated explanation:

Board explanation:
/chan/ is for discussion of the site.

/mag/ is for serious discussion.

/eq/ is for discussion of MLP and fanon related to it.
/fab/ is the random board.

/ga/ is for picture dumping and artsying.
/media/ is for discussion of media like Television, Books, Games, etc.

Other changes to the site include:
-Spoiler/NSFW tags added
-Post preview sped up to reduce server load
-Fixed color tag
-Chan generally cleaned up
Update the third
Things still to do:
>Make the frontpage not be a piece of shit.
>Add some mod quick actions.
>Inspect on the issue of boards not updating immediately.
>Add spoiler/nsfw tags.
>Improve the Steven stylesheet.
>Clean up some of the boards.
>Implement picture optimization.
>Post more.
Another update
Well the site is slowly coming together, still some things I have planned to do though.

The 403 errors are resolved. They appeared due to an incompatibility with apache's mod_evasive.
The issue of slowly updating threads and posts is currently still in the farlands of "why the fuck is this happening" though.

Planned improvements to the site include a custom BBCode system, as well as a link list and a more refined theme.
If you have any suggestions, post on /chan/.

Oh and there will probably also be a couple of board renames and changes too, I'll see about it though.
Well, about time I wrote about the changes applied.
First off, you'll have noticed that the theme has changed.
It's nothing special, just a quick edit of the default theme.
The ban and error pages were also adjusted accordingly.

Then there's a lot of new boards online, some of which are hidden.
Have fun searching for them!

The 403 errors are still there and I still don't know why.
It's being worked on though.